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I’ll have an e-reader, Bob

How indeed...

This is a first pass in some haste to say hello to you, subscribers, regular visitors, victims of search engines (North/South divide? Tit-rub?) etc to the new look website.

This is the fifth full make-over that Perry Venus has done since we started doing this web site thirteen years ago.

It’s to go before the new book, which is still in progress, and I . . . → Read More: How indeed…

Puch Maxi Moped, tit rub (or tit-rub), triple cooked chips.

Once again. I’ve been looking at the search terms whereby people find this site. Luckily, the most popular search term is Ian Marchant, and the various permutations thereof. But what fascinates me is the other stuff people come looking for.

People visit this site looking for things like information on where to find the pub sign painted by Dora Carrington, Chesterton’s road poems, and for . . . → Read More: Puch Maxi Moped, tit rub (or tit-rub), triple cooked chips.

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

I See You Baby, Shakin' Your Ass…

Hello and welcome to new rage webpage!

It combine blog and webpage!

For many week Perry work on it!

Me too!

Now Perry go on holiday!

And I move house!

Broadband not so good!

Broadband bad!

Am in interweb cafe!

On laptop!

Which only allow Chinese English!


But reader, we hope you like!

We hope all . . . → Read More: Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome