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I’ll have an e-reader, Bob


I loved the televised debate, me, but then I’m a political anorak, so I would. Like everyone, I thought Cleggy was the winner, though I thought My Little David did best on body language, whilst Puir Gordon was… well, a war criminal who should be on trial with Blair and Bush in The Hague.

But the TV debate wasn’t the best thing on the news. . . . → Read More: Eyjafjallajokull

This whole Oz and James thing

Well, I guess it has to be addressed; is it feasible that somebody read ‘The Longest Crawl’ and then projected the idea onto the hilarious duo?

Well; yes it is. Even the graphics showing their progress bear an uncanny resemblance to the original cover. On the other hand, since this is now their third series together, it’s also possible that somebody just had the idea . . . → Read More: This whole Oz and James thing