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I’ll have an e-reader, Bob

Constitutionally odd

Last night, Friday night, my wife and I came back to Radnorshire from Brussels, via the Eurostar. I’d never been to Brussels before, and I guess I wasn’t quite prepared for how odd a place Belgium is.

I also wasn’t prepared for how great the Magritte Museum was. There was one small black and white print of a pipe, captioned (in French, you’ll appreciate), ‘This . . . → Read More: Constitutionally odd

Apocalypse Weekend

Now, here’s a thing. That great man Cosmic Smiles has posted the whole of the ‘Apocalypse Weekend’ Sheep Music feature film on You Tube. I wrote most of the ‘script’. The crew had been filming the festival for a few years, and wanted to try their hands at something a bit more structured. My idea was for a series of ‘walk about’ performances which would . . . → Read More: Apocalypse Weekend


I loved the televised debate, me, but then I’m a political anorak, so I would. Like everyone, I thought Cleggy was the winner, though I thought My Little David did best on body language, whilst Puir Gordon was… well, a war criminal who should be on trial with Blair and Bush in The Hague.

But the TV debate wasn’t the best thing on the news. . . . → Read More: Eyjafjallajokull