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I’ll have an e-reader, Bob

Why I’ve (re) joined the Greens.

UKIP are the face of exclusion. Because most people feel excluded from mainstream politics, fewer people participate in such limited democratic processes as remain. UKIP, appealing as they do to people who are frightened by change, the future, death, have done well. If people don’t start doing actual politics again, then UKIP will continue to gain strength.

The Tories are great at what they do. . . . → Read More: Why I’ve (re) joined the Greens.

Constitutionally odd

Last night, Friday night, my wife and I came back to Radnorshire from Brussels, via the Eurostar. I’d never been to Brussels before, and I guess I wasn’t quite prepared for how odd a place Belgium is.

I also wasn’t prepared for how great the Magritte Museum was. There was one small black and white print of a pipe, captioned (in French, you’ll appreciate), ‘This . . . → Read More: Constitutionally odd

Adonis by name…

I thought it was the Real Tories who were the toffs, but actually it’s the New Party who trot out their unelected peers for the benefit of the press. We’ve already seen a lot of dear old Mandy, and a good thing too, because the more people see of him, the more they will be reminded of what he is. But today it was ‘Lord’ . . . → Read More: Adonis by name…