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I’ll have an e-reader, Bob

Why get your head together in the country?

My idea in renaming the blog bit of the website has root in my new (still in production) book, ‘A Hero For High Times’, and it is, at least in part, a reaction to my writing and thinking about the exodus of the hip ruralist diaspora from the cities in the sixties and seventies that gave rise to, for example, the self-sufficiency movement.

The ‘counter-culture’ . . . → Read More: Why get your head together in the country?

How indeed...

This is a first pass in some haste to say hello to you, subscribers, regular visitors, victims of search engines (North/South divide? Tit-rub?) etc to the new look website.

This is the fifth full make-over that Perry Venus has done since we started doing this web site thirteen years ago.

It’s to go before the new book, which is still in progress, and I . . . → Read More: How indeed…

What I am wearing

My hair shaven short, by design, though shaped by cruel circumstance.

One of two pairs of bespoke Anglo-American spectacles, each identical in shape, but different in colour; a black frame for distance, and a horn-rimmed pair for reading.

A home-knitted Falmouth Navy coloured roll neck gansey, in a pattern called ‘Polperro Musician’, over

a maroon Marks and Spencer V-necked sweater and

a yellow ‘Hope Not . . . → Read More: What I am wearing