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Ras Tafari in Botolph St.Otto








Spume has just sent me this photo of His Imperial Majesty Haille Selassie visiting Botolph St Otto in 1939. Spume is on the far right, aged 16 or so, behind his father, Sir Bufton Spume, who was shortly to be interred for the duration.

Spume has also announced that he is changing his name. Again. For a . . . → Read More: Ras Tafari in Botolph St.Otto

Ownership as trust

This is a policy idea; based on discussions with my friend and colleague at BCU, Gregory Leadbetter, who has done the heavy lifting.

These days Greg is a fine poet and teacher of creative writing, but in a previous life he studied law at Trinity Cambridge, and became a solicitor. In fact, he still appears on the roll of solicitors as ‘non-practising.’ This doesn’t stop . . . → Read More: Ownership as trust

Why get your head together in the country?

My idea in renaming the blog bit of the website has root in my new (still in production) book, ‘A Hero For High Times’, and it is, at least in part, a reaction to my writing and thinking about the exodus of the hip ruralist diaspora from the cities in the sixties and seventies that gave rise to, for example, the self-sufficiency movement.

The ‘counter-culture’ . . . → Read More: Why get your head together in the country?