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I’ll have an e-reader, Bob

Old Chas Ambler

Yesterday, Saturday 5th of September, we buried my dear old friend and partner in crime, Christopher Charles Ambler, known to the world as Chas. We buried him in a remarkable ceremony at a remarkable site up in the Tatham Fells above the vilage of Lowgill. It’s a place Chas knew and loved well, a place where a few other friends are buried. Chas’s body . . . → Read More: Old Chas Ambler

Drive carefully

You might think you know who your family are, and where you’re from, but a few days diddling about on the internet can turn what you knew, what you thought you knew, inside out. I was born in Guildford, son of Alan Marchant, in 1958. Alan wasn’t a great bloke, as it goes, and I wrote about him in ‘Something of the Night.’ He was . . . → Read More: Drive carefully

New Specs

Coming away from Secret Garden Party on the morning of Monday 29th July this year, more than a little fucked, I caught a train from Peterborough to Leeds. I’d bought a paper, so I took off my distance specs, put on my reading specs, opened the paper and fell straightway into blessed sleep.

I woke up in Leeds, gathered up my stuff, (so I . . . → Read More: New Specs