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Have I told you lately?

Today, I’ve been writing my lovely new book and reading student work, not to mention watching a bit of the Snooker world championship. My Beloved pointed out that snooker is a bit like the election, in that the players spend much of their time trying to make life difficult for their opponents, rather than doing anything positive. One exception to this rule is Kirsty Williams, . . . → Read More: Have I told you lately?

Not St. George after all

I was pretty sure what I wanted to blog today, which was The English Democrats’ idea for an English Parliament. I don’t like the English Democrats, because, although they say that they’re a kind of English SNP or Plaid, they are not. They have the usual dumb stuff about immigration and the Common Market that you get to hear in saloon bars pretty much everywhere. . . . → Read More: Not St. George after all

Why Holywood Matters

So, I spent last autumn living in Holywood in Northern Ireland. With a lady. Now she is living with me, here in Sunny Presteigne. This morning, we awoke to the horrifying news that the ‘Real’ IRA had set off a car bomb outside the Palace Barracks, which is on the way from Holywood into Belfast.

People from Northern Ireland worry about these things in a . . . → Read More: Why Holywood Matters