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I’ll have an e-reader, Bob

Constitutionally odd

Last night, Friday night, my wife and I came back to Radnorshire from Brussels, via the Eurostar. I’d never been to Brussels before, and I guess I wasn’t quite prepared for how odd a place Belgium is.

I also wasn’t prepared for how great the Magritte Museum was. There was one small black and white print of a pipe, captioned (in French, you’ll appreciate), ‘This . . . → Read More: Constitutionally odd

Qualcosa della notte… (according to Babel Fish, anyway)

I heard today that DeAgostini have offered to publish Something of the Night in Italy, and that the excellent Claudio Silipigni is once again to be my ‘translator’, just as he was for ‘The Longest Crawl’. I couldn’t be more pleased. It says ‘translator’ in the book, but, as I can’t speak a word of Italian, Claudio is really my co-author. I really enjoyed answering . . . → Read More: Qualcosa della notte… (according to Babel Fish, anyway)

Something of the Night.

The new book is out. I’ve always done an introduction to the books, and posted them on this site; this is a first pass, really.

I got the idea for a book about the night in 2008, and envisaged taking a similar approach to the one I took in Parallel Lines and The Longest Crawl. This is to say, I’d travel and I’d do a . . . → Read More: Something of the Night.