My Books in Print

I’ll have an e-reader, Bob

Radio HSBC

We all popped into Hereford today, to buy some creosote to get over my clothes and into my eyes and also to some extent on our ricketty backyard fence.

Also, I planned to visit the Hereford HSBC branch while we were there. My old Mum was kind enough to send me a cheque for my recent birthday, scraped together out of her meagre pension, and . . . → Read More: Radio HSBC

Apocalypse Weekend

Now, here’s a thing. That great man Cosmic Smiles has posted the whole of the ‘Apocalypse Weekend’ Sheep Music feature film on You Tube. I wrote most of the ‘script’. The crew had been filming the festival for a few years, and wanted to try their hands at something a bit more structured. My idea was for a series of ‘walk about’ performances which would . . . → Read More: Apocalypse Weekend

The Zep and I

Never been that bothered about the Zep, and I could do with some advice from those who were down with the whole big-haired squeeky voiced cod-Crowleyian ting.

In m’new book, ‘Something of the Night’, I write quite a bit about music, and I’m trying to put together a Spotify playlist of all the songs I mention, and also a representative track from all the bands . . . → Read More: The Zep and I