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I’ll have an e-reader, Bob

How indeed...

This is a first pass in some haste to say hello to you, subscribers, regular visitors, victims of search engines (North/South divide? Tit-rub?) etc to the new look website.

This is the fifth full make-over that Perry Venus has done since we started doing this web site thirteen years ago.

It’s to go before the new book, which is still in progress, and I . . . → Read More: How indeed…

Spitfires on the Line.

I’m in the middle of making a short series for Radio Four with producer Mary Ward-Lowery about a series of journeys we’re taking along the line drawn by Prof. Danny Dorling of Sheffield University which divides the north from the south.

We have met some wonderful people, including the sagacious Sir Michael Darrington, esrtwhile boss of Greggs, the orchidaceous psycho-geographer Tina Richardson in Leeds, the . . . → Read More: Spitfires on the Line.

Dreadful inexcusable blunder.

I’m sitting at my computer holding my head in my hands, groaning, rending my garments and so on.

This coming Sunday sees the broadcast of the second episode of the series I’m currently doing for Radio Four, which is called ‘The Completists.’

In this episode, I claim to have completed a set of achievements myself, in that I say I’ve visited all the pubs . . . → Read More: Dreadful inexcusable blunder.